Jilin High-tech Zone held a special lecture on "New quality Productivity and Digital Economy"

来源:   时间: 2024-06-27 16:04
  On June 24, the High-tech Zone invited Shi Yong, counselor of The State Council and academician of the Academy of Sciences of Developing Countries, to give a special lecture on "New Quality Productivity and Digital Economy" for Party members and cadres of the high-tech zone organs and representatives of 30 key enterprises。
  In the lecture, Shi Yong started from the basic problems of digital economy, the development status of international digital economy and the basic situation of digital economy development in China, and shared the connection between digital economy and east and west calculation and green productivity。Combined with typical cases, it vividly demonstrates the effectiveness of digital economy in boosting economic development, provides valuable experience for high-tech zones to grasp the path and opportunities of digital transformation, and provides strong technical support and intellectual guarantee for transforming and upgrading traditional industries, cultivating and expanding emerging industries, and laying out and constructing future industries。
  Since 2023,High-tech zone forward-looking layout of the new track,Focus on the deep integration of scientific and technological innovation and industrial innovation,It has successfully introduced a series of scientific and technological achievements transformation projects such as intelligent robots and phase-change heat storage cabinets of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,Leading and driving a number of major projects such as Zhongke Star Map and Zhongke Dawning with excellent industrial formats, high scientific and technological content and good development prospects。This year, the high-tech zone vigorously develops the big data industry, promotes the construction of the China Satellite Map remote sensing communication satellite ground receiving station, Tencent Yunqi Base and other projects, and takes the lead in laying out new tracks such as space data, Internet and artificial intelligence。
  Next, the High-Tech zone will build a joint laboratory with the Virtual Economy and Data Science Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to help government and enterprise data assets, promote the transformation of various industries, promote the big data industry cluster acceleration and expansion, and cultivate ten billion big data industry clusters。