Health care into rural health services to warm the people - High-tech zone health bureau to carry out a series of health to the countryside

来源:   时间: 2024-06-20 16:14
  Since the beginning of the year, the Health and Health Bureau of High-tech Zone has continued to widely carry out a series of health activities to the countryside, such as "health physical examination into villages" and "health free diagnosis into 10,000 households", to meet the health needs of rural residents, so that more villagers can enjoy high-quality medical services nearby。
  After the spring ploughing this year, the health Bureau of High-tech Zone organized the whole young cadres and all the village doctors in the North District, and hired doctors with strong professional ability20Yu Ren entered the high-tech North District to carry out the "health examination into the village" activity,Under the jurisdiction65The elderly over the age, chronic disease patients, patients with severe mental disorders and special family members and other key groups to carry out a comprehensive and detailed health examination, physical examination items include basic examination, blood pressure,Blood routine, urine routine, blood lipid, blood glucose, liver function, kidney function, electrocardiogram, abdomenB超等。
  在At the physical examination site, the medical staff also combined with the villagers' previous medical history and drug use, patiently and carefully provided health consultation and drug guidance services, so that the majority of villagers truly feel the warmth of the Party and the government's care, and the benefits and benefits brought by the national health policy。This activity covers all of high-tech North District13A village, a total1600We offer free medical check-ups,Won the praise of all the villagers。
  Combined with health examination activities, the health bureau of High-tech Zone also organized Jilin City Overseas Chinese Hospital, Jilin City Aier Eye Hospital, and high-tech Jing 'an Rehabilitation Hospital6The expert director went deep into the north district of high-tech zone to carry out the "health free clinic into 10,000" tour free clinic activities,On-site internal medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine, ophthalmology, soft trauma and other expert directors carefully for the masses to consult and inspect, analyze the condition, answer questions and solve doubts,Helping villagers read medical reports and color ultrasound films,And give sound medical advice,The professional nursing staff also conducted blood pressure and blood sugar tests for villagers free of charge。So far, the free clinic has benefited the villagers160More than people, and was warmly welcomed by the villagers。Free clinic activities will also continue to be carried out, so that more villagers can enjoy quality medical services at their doorsteps。
  Jilin High-tech Zone will continue to focus on the construction of rural medical and health service system, improve the ability of primary medical service, further explore the establishment of a long-term mechanism to deliver health services to the villagers' doorsteps, and continue to promote the construction of healthy villages。(Zhou Xue, Health Bureau)